Have fun close to the campsite.

A stone’s throw from Camping du Pylône, just opposite the Marinland Aquatic Park, come and have fun in Antibes Land.
Open all day and evening in summer, Antibes Land is a must for family fun in the many attractions on offer. Thrilling rides, ghost train, self-bumper, there is something for everyone, for adults and children alike. You can enjoy a wide choice of thrilling and non-thrilling attractions, snacking and other lint catchers.

A night and summer stroll

Aren’t you very playful? No worries, AntibesLand is also an opportunity to stroll to taste a well-stocked waffle, a love apple or churros. You can stroll through the much-loved fairground atmosphere and its sweet smells. Open until late in the summer, Antibes Land will allow you to end your day at the beach with a lively stroll. The park is continuously monitored to ensure your peace and serenity. So you can let your teens wander not far from you so that they can take their first steps solo. All attractions are thoroughly checked, so you can have fun without fear.

A tailor-made schedule

With experience and habit, we advise you to go to Antibes Land after a calm day, like an afternoon at the beach for example. Around 6 p.m. you return to Camping du Pylône to get a makeover, relax, take a well-deserved aperitif and without stress, around 8 p.m., direction Antibes Land. You can start by eating before going around the attractions. Around midnight you can go back to Morpheus with your new plush won by the twine. For families with young children, go there around 3 or 4 p.m. to enjoy the park more calmly.

Don’t wait any longer for a good evening.

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